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we're delighted to offer all IsoTek: certainly one of the world's best range of
audiophile power conditioning components extant, headed by the Ultra Reference line
and including the well-respected and highly-acclaimed Aquarius.

We have critically tested the EVO3 Aquarius and the Ultra Ref Super Titan with Genesis
on incredibly revealing, active Klimax DS systems...  with noticeably excellent and
correspondingly superior results. I won't overdwell on this because most kind, sane
people will dismiss such talk as crazy. Truth be told, such people have not heard them,
and whilst that itself may sound glib and too easy to say, let me put it this way: if my life
depended on clean mains, these are the products I'd ask for.

Please visit their website for their (slightly glitzy) tech story and product range.
Serious protection against dirty mains and surges from e.g. heavy air-conditioning
is vital here in the Middle East - we need more than releasing audible nuances!

Makes and models differ in protection, how much they improve and/or hurt the music,
and cost. Previously, I've heard problems from top mains conditioners and regenerators.
Performances have improved all round.  Isotek have evolved their own approach which
makes sense, and one must eat a pudding to judge - so, I can say with certainty:

Isotek Ultra Reference represent serious engineering and give results that are
undeniably state-of-the-art.  They will protect your gear AND remove *several* veils!

Super Titan feeds clean power even
to very demanding power amplifiers,
whilst an umbilical cord can power
the amazing Genesis regenerator

Genesis regenerator
atop the Super Titan

award-winning Aquarius (bottom) -
for smaller systems, or used with
Super Titan for front-end components.

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