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Photos - Bahrain

finally about to be updated, Feb 2015... will i recognise the place?
time-shifted photos will be grouped together where possible... soooooon....

Welcome to family and friends who've left Bahrain, or who've never been. 
Naturally, much has changed since I arrived in 1981

above left: before start of high-rise developments mid 2005, sea left, National Bank centre, Salmaniya right.
The Gulf is experiencing a real-estate development boom following repatriation of overseas funds in reply
to US behavious after 9-11          centre: together in Saar          right: mwan Sesel ek lekipaz TV



model of "twin towers" World Trade Centre (!) on sea-side of Sheraton and status as of 21 Dec 2005.
May have 3 huge propellors mounted in between the towers. In middle photo: tiny GIB can be seen
bottom centre, whilst Sheraton Hotel is in white, bottom right.

Pearl roundabout near central market (looking towards Regency, Nat.Bank tower seen 80% right) is now bypassed by a flyover and will be dwarfed by nearby high-rise flats

left: Bab Al Bahrain from post office    centre: opposite view with Bahrain Financal Harbour towers on re-
claimed Mina Manama          right: view from Sheraton towards Bab: BBK, stock exchange and NBB tower


Financial Harbor opened 2 May 2007 - updated photos for Manama coming soon       Manama from Seef


Multi critically evaluating new gear      listening to Multi's day                Captain at King Arthur's castle,
                                                                                                     Tintagel, Cornwall, UK

If I don't meet you no more in this world then...
I'll meet ya on the next one...  And don't be late,  Don't be late!

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Electric Ladyland (1968) - Jimi Hendrix Experience